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Our Eco-Chic division is currently on hold as our custom design projects are booked to full capacity for the next year.

Living In harmony with the environment

Benefits of ECO-CHIC Designs


Save Time & Costs

Design time has greatly been eliminated, saving you from having to find and pay for an architect and attend meetings. This can save you 4 – 6 months of design time alone. Carrying costs on your land may far outweigh the cost of the design itself as you will be able to submit your plans for permits, receive competitive construction bids, and get your project rolling.



Our turn-key designs are conscious, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable. These benefits are for each homeowner and for the health of the environment. Eco-Chic’s Design team carefully selected all materials, specifications, and finishes, including color palettes, based on cost, value, beauty, longevity, sustainability, and healthy air quality.


Fire Resistant & Low-Maintenance

Whether it’s for tropical or dryer climates, Eco-Chic incorporates low-maintenance, long-lasting materials into our designs to extend the longevity of your home and to help mitigate the amount of time you spend on upkeep. In addition, Class “A” fire-rated roofs and fire-retardant coating for exteriors are used to help protect your home against wildfires.

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We've Made It Simple!

5 Steps To Follow

Step I

  • Click on our COLLECTION to select your favorite design(s).
  • Fill out your contact information at the bottom of this page.

Step II

  • An Eco-Chic representative will contact you to discuss your project and the design you’ve selected as well as will answer your questions.
  • We’ll ask you to send us your “Property Map” to pre-determine that your design selection fits within your property. (SEE EXAMPLE). Eventually we may need a Topographical Map.

Step III

  • In a second consultation, we will verify the placement of the design on your property site, based on views, wind and sun direction, access to the site, and all the variables affecting the project. At this time, we will answer your remaining questions.
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Step IV

  • To move forward, you sign an agreement and pay a deposit. We then prepare your “Site Plan”. We’ll also send you a scan code so that you’ll be able to move around in your future home in 3D and augmented reality (AG), prior to it even being built, which is quite exciting!

Step V

  • We’ll send you the complete set of stamped architectural plans electronically, once your balance is paid in full, enabling you to get contractor bids right away.
  • Meanwhile, we submit your stamped plans to your local county planning department and deal with any requests they may have for a small processing fee of $1,000 per permit. We guarantee your permit approval so that your project can get rolling.

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