What’s really important?

So many of us feel like we’re on a treadmill going as fast as we can to get through our daily TO DO list. We feel pressured to get back to emails and texts at record speeds. How important it all seems in this ever-changing world of technology. We remind ourselves that life is to enjoy and that health, happiness, and family is what matters most …and yet we keep speeding along.

With the population and cost of living increasing, more than ever before, people want to find a way to simplify, to have peace of mind, and be self-sustaining. We have seen a great need in the market place for people desiring smaller homes with more intimate spaces. Even family compounds are gaining in popularity.


In this day and age, the word “luxury” is being redefined from what we own and have acquired in life to the quality of our experiences and the people and stories that really matter to us most! In the end, those are the memories that will touch our hearts. True luxury is taking a moment to decompress by enjoying a beautiful sunset, to allow ourselves to slow down and take time every day for ourselves, and to connect in more meaningful relationships with others!